Wild folk from the west? Maybe not…

In local newspaper offices, away from the conglomeration of desks around which sat a hapless crew of hacks, were treasure troves hidden in corners and cupboards.

How to turn Happy Christmas into a medieval execution

Artificial intelligence and ‘natural language processing’ are no substitute for taking care when writing. Maintain focus, and apply your ability to concentrate, and everything will be easy.

Quack because it’s good for you

Do you find this statement by former Google boss Eric Schmidt alarming: “We don’t need you to type at all. We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.”

Ordure by another name

Kakapo, the flightless parrot indigenous to New Zealand, for which I have no little affection (see The story so far) would probably have made a far more suitable and appropriate animal emblem for the World Wildlife Fund than the undeniably cute Panda.

Dramatic lessons

Once upon a time, a Chancellor of England, Sir Thomas More, had his head hacked from his body as a consequence of his failure to swear loyalty to his king. In the dramatised version of his life, ‘A Man for all Seasons’ the following exchange with his son-in-law Will Roper (the man who sold him to the King’s spies) was reported.

Racism makes zero sense

Ask a Royal Marines Commando whether his Green Lid training and selection time comprise the toughest military programme in the world and he’ll be saying yes before you’ve got the word programme out.