A Kakapo. It walks. It does not fly. Cats, rats, stoats and humans are its mortal enemies.

After some years on Earth, mostly reading, learning and engaged in formal and informal psychotherapy, I am able to state with a modicum of clarity who I am and, with greater certainty, who I was.

Both born and having spent my formative years in London, I am presently domiciled in the partly verdant suburb that is Surrey. I read for a degree in Philosophy & Theology at London University. Following my schooling, my particular focus was on morality and immorality, ethics and evil. After a series of adventures I became a journalist and writer.

And now in the third person: at his core the essential John Blauth is a husband and father; with an excessive interest in the practice and absence of considerate behaviour between humans. Etymology is a passion of his, as are the correct use of English, which some call pedantry and he simply calls correct, and verified facts. John robustly delights in first-class lunches and reads an apparently endless line of books, not many of which are fiction. Along with other traits and foibles, these eccentricities appear to maintain his brain, soul and physical corpus in a harmonious partnership.

My aim is to be content. I do my very best not to worry about things which are beyond the power of my will.

I am fond of bagpipes, both at rest and play; enjoy the company of most people and am keen to meet a live Kakapo.